Welbilt webcast uncovers top success measure for Ghost & Virtual Kitchens: SpeedJune 8, 2020

Featuring experts from Uber Eats, Kitchen United, Euromonitor and Concept Services

New Port Richey, FL – June 8, 2020 – Last week, on June 4, Welbilt teamed up with Kitchen United, Concept Services, Uber Eats and Euromonitor International to host their first joint webcast. The main objective of the event was to explore the rising trend of “Ghost Kitchens” and share how foodservice businesses can adapt to operating in the current climate.

Over 700 registered for the webcast to glean top tips from the presentations, followed by an in-depth panel discussion with experts from Welbilt and the industry.

Welbilt’s Deb Friar moderated the event. Topics and speakers included:

Data Drives Success, with Mandy Quinn, Head of Foodservice Partnerships, Uber Eats
Ghost Kitchen Design and Execution, with Matt Maroni, Director of Kitchen Design, Kitchen United; Eric Oyama, Director of Construction, Kitchen United; and John Johnson, Vice President, Concept Services
The Rise and Future of Ghost Kitchens, with Michael Schaefer, Global Lead Food & Beverage, Euromonitor
Designing for Speed, with Todd Boule, Director of Culinary, and Mike Anderson, Director of FitKitchen, both at Welbilt.

The key takeaways of the webinar:

- Since speed is number one on customers’ list for satisfaction from food delivery, it’s not surprising that the top success factor for Ghost Kitchens is speed. And it is not only about the time spent on cooking but also on delivery of those meals. How can you beat the clock? Our experts advised operators to take advantage of data provided by their own operations as well as delivery partners to improve their speed of service.

- Your menu will also play an important role in getting that speed element right. Comparing it with your eat-in scenario will give you a clear idea if there is a need for some tweaking in order to get the delivery time right so the food temperature and quality are not compromised. As Matt Maroni from KitchenUnited noted, “too large a menu makes it difficult to execute at a high level”. And in our own Todd Boule’s words - “analyze your menu, processes, and kitchen design to maximize throughput”.

Smart wifi connectivity solutions and design as well as kitchen equipment will help to improve that all-important efficiency and delivery speed in a Ghost Kitchen. Remember that a Ghost Kitchen will always come with a limited space, so it will be crucial to get the right equipment to maximize the area. While some of it may cost more, the yields will be higher and you will get your return on investment, in some cases, within weeks.

- Minimizing food waste should also be on top of operators’ mind while running a Ghost Kitchen. According to Welbilt’s Todd Boule, operators should start with the forecasted sales per menu item, then plan their prep accordingly for everything – even sauces and dressings. The benefit of bulk cooking during non-peak periods combined with quick finish with accelerated cooking platforms will also reduce waste.

- Speaking about the challenges faced by operators shifting from eat-in to delivery-only concepts, John Johnson from Concept Services, said that one of these hurdles is a mindset change. Operators and their staff should be prepared to handle all tasks in the kitchen, including packaging – again, efficient design is key to a seamless operation.

Whether you need to design a concept from the ground up or streamline an existing space, Welbilt and its ghost kitchen experts can provide guidance at every step, from menus to customer service. To learn more, please visit

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