Cleveland is the leader for steam cooking products. From high-volume mixer kettles to boilerless convection steamers, their products use less water and energy with unmatched performance.



Convotherm offers a full range of combi steamer ovens, designed for reduced energy and water consumption, lower operating costs, and fast intuitive operation.



Frymaster’s award-winning fryers conserve oil, cook more food per gallon and offer fully automatic filtration and optional oil quality sensors. Pasta makers with electronic, programmable controls make it easy to cook perfect pasta every time.



Garland counter top ranges, griddles and broilers deliver durable performance, energy efficiency and cleanability. Induction technology generates precise heating solutions, usingup to 70% less energy for low-cost, cleaner and cooler kitchens.


Lincoln uses the latest advancement in air impingement technology for rapid heating, cooking, baking, and crisping of a wide range of meals from pizza to seafood.


Merrychef high-speed ovens boast ultra-short cook times, ultra-high energy efficiency, ventless operation and unique easyTouch® touchscreen controls.

Welbilt Beverage is a leader in beverage solutions

Our broad beverage product portfolio provides system solutions designed to improve productivity, quality and profitability for our customers. From espresso, filter coffee/tea, iced/cold coffee/tea, convenience stores, beer, seltzer, juices, to blended beverages.

With brand names you trust like Multiplex and Crem,
for more than 100 years of combined experience in the market.

Welbilt Beverage is the only full line beverage equipment solutions provider.


With innovations like the Blend-in-Cup®  and FreshBlender® that reduces waste and labor to maximize productivity and profits, Multiplex offers a broad range of cooling and dispensing beverage systems.

Crem International

Crem International is a global company of recognized prestige in the production of professional coffee machines, adding more than 100 years of combined experience in the market and sales in more than 90 countries.


Manitowoc is America’s #1 selling brand of ice machines for a reason - energy efficiency, reliability, and a service and support network that is second to none. Cleanability, filtration and advanced sanitation systems keep machines clean, saving time and money.


Covering the basic features you need with the reliability you expect, Koolaire offers affordable ice machines, bins, and accessories.


Delfield provides a full lineup of high performance and energy efficient refrigeration solutions from chill to freeze.


Specializing in cost-effective walk-in refrigerators and freezers, Kolpak units maximize cold-holding performance and minimize environmental impact.

With a range of select products from condensing units to advanced controllers, RDI Systems helps you create the refrigerator space that you need.


Delfield offers a full range of food prep and serving equipment designed to maximize space, production flow, and efficiency.


A leader in hot holding solutions, Merco products keep food hot and fresh and ready to serve for longer and with less waste.

About the U.S. Culinary Team

Combine the mastery of more than 80 fully-trained culinary professionals with that of an imaginative and robust engineering team to create a product line that’s uniquely founded upon real, practical application in the kitchen.

Todd Boule

Directory, Culinary
Mfg Rep: Zink East

Chef Todd

Kim Miller-Boivin

Director, Culinary & FitKitchen

Chef Kim manages the Tampa Culinary Team and culinary ideation for the FitKitchen service brand.
Kim's contemporary style of award winning American cuisine comes from her 20+ years in the culinary industry sharpening her skills along the way in some of the countries finest hotels and restaurants such as: 4 star Belleview Biltmore Resort & Spa; award-winning Safety Harbor Resort & Spa with its natural underground springs; Berns Steak House with its organic farm and their world class wine cellars and inventory while working alongside famous chefs: Norman van Aken, Oliver Saucy, Robin Haas, Gale Grand, Alan Susser, Jasper White and Lydia Shyia.   

Andrew Coniglio, CSC

Corporate Executive Chef

Chef Andrew manages the day-to-to operation of the Welbilt HQ Test Kitchen including VIP visits, Training and R&D. Currently a Certified Sous Chef (CSC) with the American Culinary Federation, he has been working in the food service industry for over 20 years. As a 1997 graduate of Johnson & Wales University in Norfolk, Virginia and while enrolled, he interned at Kingsmill, a 4-Star, 4-Diamond Resort in Williamsburg, VA. 
Andrew has participated in many special events including 6 PGA TOUR events, 2 LPGA Legends Tour Open Championships, 2011 MLS All-Star Game, 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs, NCAA Frozen Four and Basketball Tournament in addition to serving on the leadership team that orchestrated the opening of the Livestrong Sporting Park in Kansas City and Salamander Resort and Spa in Virginia.

Sean Copeland

Corporate Chef

Chef Sean manages key strategic accounts based in Florida along with assisting accounts throughout the country. He also assists in the FitKitchen projects including observations, refinement of processes and optimal equipment suggestions and testing. Any given day we will have visits to our global headquarters for equipment demonstrations and daily R&D with customers product on our Welbilt equipment lines.
Along with being a member of the greater Tampa Bay Area ACF, he has also worked in various high-volume independent restaurants, Luxury hotels & resorts in a multitude of capacities. Innisbrook golf resort most recently annually hosting a PGA tour stop for 8 consecutive years.

Rich Mathis, CEC, PCII

Global Strategic Accounts Chef

Chef Rich provides expertise in R&D, culinary support, menu development and reviewing existing and future kitchen designs for efficiencies. A native of FL, Rich has been in the food service industry for 30+ years.
Rich past experience has led him to lead the Culinary Team at Amalie Arena in Tampa, FL through the Republican National Convention in 2012, Pro Chef II Certification from The Culinary Institute of America in 2011 and Certified Executive Chef Certification from The American Culinary Federation in 2012. Rich was also awarded "Top Chef Tampa" in 2012.

Chris Walton

Global Strategic Accounts Chef


Lawrence Parks

Corporate Regional Chef, Northeast
Mfg Reps: Bowerman, Hatch-Jennings, Moccia Enterprises, P3

Chef Lawrence

Ted Speck

Corporate Regional Chef, Southeast
Mfg Reps: FER, KRG, Lane

Chef Ted

Simon Maple

Corporate Regional Chef, Central
Mfg Rep: E-Source

Chef Simon

Terry Barbour

Corporate Regional Chef, South Central
Mfg Reps: Hansen Group, Wallin Group

Chef Terry

Tim Bolger

Corporate Regional Chef, Midwest
Mfg Reps: Kain McArthur, Redstone, Vader & Landgraf, Zink West

Chef Tim

Patrick Simon

Corporate Regional Chef, West
Mfg Reps: PRNW, PMG

Chef Patrick supports customers, rep groups, dealers and consultants providing culinary expertise, R&D, menu development, and sales support.
Patrick boasts over 25+ years in culinary management, sales and hospitality experience holding positions as Vice President of Sales and Culinary Operations, Corporate Executive Chef, and spent over 15 years as a Chef in Las Vegas Hotels. In 2012, he was awarded the American Culinary Federation Chef of the Year (Las Vegas Chapter). Patrick is currently the Chairman for the Nevada Restaurant Association Foundation Board, a 25-year ACF National Professional Chef Member and a Board Member of the American Culinary Federation Associate Advisory Board (Las Vegas).


Based on the idea of “food inspiring technology,” our FitKitchen concept combines our best-in-class brands with our global innovation, culinary and market development teams working across all segments and platforms.  FitKitchen provides innovative and practical solutions with a detailed, targeted approach that considers key areas of restaurant operations.  From food, to equipment, to operations – We work with your team to create unique, robust solutions that are successful with operators and restaurants. 


Our partnership delivers deep insights for your business to thrive in an environment that demands agility and flexibility



Gathering pre-work data and initial observations


Create a plan and approach for on site discovery visit


Conduct onsite survey that looks at production, labor, equipment and customer experiences


Consolidate team’s findings
Identify opportunities for kitchen and overall operation optimization


Equipment and technology workshop to select platforms and technology, workstation and workflow design concepts
& process mapping


Innovation workshop to collaborate and present findings that includes, integration of equipment solution, final workstation concepts & final kitchen designs

FitKitchen focuses on collaboration to answer today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities

Our aim is to collaborate with our partners to identify the needs of today’s commercial kitchens spaces, provide answers to the big challenges in today’s environment, and build for the future growth of tomorrow


  • We bring FitKitchen’s expertise straight to the table with subject matter experts and industry-best resources
  • Expert teams develop modular “off the shelf” or customized systems to meet customers’ current challenges 
  • Together we drive towards full Welbilt systems and solutions


FitKitchen focuses on mission critical challenges that help your operations and navigate your current business landscape

Kitchen Optimization

Kitchen Optimization
Performing health checks on your current operations to optimize labor, kitchen efficiency and right-sizing for your changing environment
Ghost Kitchens

Ghost Kitchens
Adding additional safe modular kitchens and food trucks for delivery or take out only

Culinary Support

Virtual Culinary Support
Providing product testing and innovation sessions through virtual training

Delivery and to go

Delivery & To-Go
Explore more "further finished" kitchen spaces allowing for bulk production to feed into mobile, container or ghost kitchen spaces

Solutions that Fit

Solutions that address your needs
Integrated Advanced Holding Technology, Speed Ovens, Automated Conveyor Cooking and Multi-Functional Equipment
Drive Thru

Temporary Drive Thru Lanes
Casual dining kitchens adapt their existing To Go areas to temporary Drive Thru lanes

Touchless Features

No Touch / Safe Distancing
Provide safe distance or no touch delivery best practices, integrating breath guards, food safety shields and more

Connect with a FitKitchen representative today to see how we can help enhance your restaurants performance and guest experience!




At Welbilt, we are designing the kitchen of the future to drive continuous improvements in performance for our customers. As our partners navigate a new digital world, we help them leverage data to optimize their processes and bottom line, improve the guest experience they deliver, and over time provide a platform that will enable them to continually adapt to our changing world.

The application of digital technology to kitchen operations makes it possible to put the power of information to work so your operation can adapt to an everchanging environment faster and more efficiently. Welbilt's KitchenConnect® digital platform offers numerous ways to harness this power to take operations from average to great, realizing benefits like never before.

What does KitchenConnect offer?

Our dashboard unlocks all the equipment information you need to optimize the operation of your kitchen. Below are examples of the information you can access with KitchenConnect.
Report Management
Report Management
  • Consumption data (Electric, Water, Consumables)
  • Cycle rates
  • Utilization rates
  • Operational status
  • Time charts (peak/low)
  • Demand analysis (food)
  • Error logs/needed actions
  • Production statistics
  • Descriptive analytics
Asset Management
Asset Management
  • ID (Model, Serial#)
  • Location (Geo Data)
  • Status (SW, Firmware)
  • Service provider
  • Installation data
  • Documents, manuals, videos
  • Warranty period
  • Store ID
  • Remote software downloads
Menu Management
Menu Management
  • Remote menu/cookbook downloads
  • Product image management
  • Companion app recipe creation & modification
  • Recipe library viewing/sharing
  • Daypart assignment
  • Product position assignment
Quality Management
Quality Management
  • HACCP data
  • Cook/harvest/draft data
  • Temp min/max data
  • Cycle times (completed/cancelled)
  • Product quality data (equipment, operator, facility)
  • Cleaning cycles
Service Management
Service Management
  • Equipment diagnostics
  • Error resolution guidance
  • Service reports
  • Warranty service
  • PM programs and guidance

Who We Are Connecting With

Franchisee Owners

QSR (Quick Serve Restaurants)

QSRs require continually enhanced fast delivery of consistent, high-quality food and the ability to measure customer satisfaction. The ability to easily access data related to equipment operation and performance ensures the highest quality food delivered at the fastest possible speed. Equipment connectivity puts this information at operator’s fingertips and makes it possible to manage recipes and menu offerings, as well as equipment firmware updates with the push of a button to one or multiple locations.

Fast Casual Restaurants

Fast Casual restaurants are driven by their ability to provide customized, freshly prepared, high quality meals while delivering a relaxing dine-in experience to their customers. Profitability and brand equity are achieved through customer desired menu offerings, consistently prepared without outages or service delays. Equipment connectivity makes it possible to identify the popularity of menu items, control inventory, and minimize service delays. Brand equity is protected when the connected kitchen provides the dine-in experience expected by customers.

Convenience Stores

Convenience Stores are challenged to continually improve the quality, taste, freshness and healthfulness of their food as they compete to attract customers from other established foodservice providers. They must leverage their strength, convenience, to attract customers who are increasingly looking for meal solutions that in addition to being convenient are easy, effortless, safe and efficient to obtain. Their customer base is looking for value at a low price point so their foodservice operations must be extremely efficient to meet these expectations. Equipment connectivity can provide these efficiencies through data solutions for inventory control, food safety, energy and consumables management, proper equipment operation and preventative maintenance.


Hotel/Resorts have diverse food operations in multiple locations under the same roof. The asset management capability of connected equipment, allows managers to use the IoT to make smarter resource decisions. Connected devices enable the integration of systems, giving a greater level of equipment control that maximizes utilization, efficiency and performance. Outside food delivery brought quickly to customers has been a great challenge against which hotels must compete. Data from smart equipment allows the early identification of customer use trends so that offerings can be tailored to customer needs. This allows the forging of closer connections to their customer base and builds customer loyalty.

Welbilt Connected Equipment List

Our smart, connected equipment includes the following from the Welbilt portfolio, but we are expanding it with every new product release.

Carrara, Unity, PSL50/200/1000, G-Snack, G-Drink, Brooklyn, Carrara Large, Simplicity, Barista Station

Talk to Us

Talk to UsWe’d love to start a conversation about how our digital tools can help grow your business. Email us at

Download brochure

Click to download brochure PDF to see more content and information about KitchenConnect.

Convotherm Software Updates

We are pleased to provide you the latest software updates of the Convotherm range.

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Please note:

The particular software update for Convotherm 4 gas units has to be done by an authorised service partner (there are adjustment steps necessary).

Please ensure that only software which is suitable for the unit series is installed on your Convotherm unit. This software cannot be used for other unit types from the range. If this is disregarded, no liability will be assumed for malfunctions.

Convotherm Service manuals

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