• The new look of pizza
  • Redefining fresh
  • Reach into freshness with Delfield
  • Artisan
  • Sauces, proteins, veggies fresh and at your fingertips
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The new look of pizza

The pizza category is one of the most competitive segments in foodservice according to QSR Magazine. And with 46% of people eating out two or more times a week, everyone wants a piece of the pie. Today’s pizza is more than your local joint slinging traditional pies on a Friday night. While American’s love pizza at breakfast, lunch or dinner, their tastes are continuously evolving. Meaning today’s pizza must be fresh, artisan, customizable, fast and available when and where customers are ready to eat it.

Redefining fresh

With a renewed focus on healthy ingredients, consumers are focusing on fresh, unprocessed ingredients. Fast Casual pizza operations are keenly aware of how important fresh ingredients is to drive visits and sales. By focusing innovative ideas that include fresh ingredients, customization, artisan crusts and flavor profiles can create double digit growth. And according to a mintel report, seventy-five percent of pizza consumers say they are willing to spend more for quality.

Reach into freshness with Delfield

Those fresh, unprocessed ingredients can be held safe and within reach in any Delfield Coolscapes™ reach-in, undercounter, worktable refrigerator or freezer. Designed for all your pizza storage needs. And now with GreenGenius™, a hydrocarbon refrigeration system that exceeds DOE standards, making foods safer than ever.


The need to create an artisan pizza is quickly rising in importance again. Years ago, everything from the sauce to pepperoni were hand crafted, with unique flavor profiles that were specifically developed or passed down through the years to their operation. As the desire to increase speed, prolong product shelf life, and need to deliver a consistent product, the craft of pizza making went to the wayside. But, with the changes in equipment technology, focus on farm fresh ingredients and desire to bring back the craft, freshly made crust, sauces, and proteins are once again a staple on the pizza landscape.

Sauces, proteins, veggies fresh and at your fingertips

Preparing artisan pizzas has never been more convenient or efficient with Delfield's complete line of pizza prep tables. Available in a variety of sizes and configurations, add toppings and products to your operation in the same space. Dual rail prep tables have a second, elevated rail to improve production without adding to the footprint. 

Crafting Custom

The rise of the fast-casual pizza concept has given new meaning to build-your-own pizza. Customizable use to mean a choice of a few proteins and some vegetables, now today anything goes. Pick your crust; select your sauce – red, spicy, hot sauce, alfredo, Thai peanut sauce; choose cheese; then onto anything from spinach to fried eggs. The options are limitless as is your appetite about now.

If they can dream it, Lincoln Pizza oven can cook it

Custom pizzas don’t mean custom equipment. From counter tops to triple stacks and even ventless, Lincoln Conveyor Ovens offer FastBake™ Technology reducing bake time 15-30% and increase speed of service. The Lincoln 1100 series ovens are the workhorse of the kitchen. With a half pass window and multiple configurations on timing, impingement air, and a large long chamber, no more worries on product quality or production.

Tapping into technology

Two years ago, digital technology was convincing customers to download an app to order instead of calling or ordering online. Today’s technology focus is a two-pronged approach, customer facing and operational. Dominos is testing self-driving delivery cars allowing consumers to track their order and open the car with a personalized code through the app. Kitchens are getting smarter, with refrigeration that keeps tracking of product shelf life and equipment that is interconnected, with the ability to be remotely monitored and updated.

Join us at the table

Join us at booth #1055 at Pizza Expo in Las Vegas March 19 – 22 and talk to our experts about pizza trends, keeping ingredients fresh, whether our Lincoln pizza oven or Garland deck oven is the best equipment for your operation, and taste some chef crafted pies.

The new look of pizza Redefining fresh  Reach into freshness with Delfield  Artisan Sauces, proteins, veggies fresh and at your fingertipsCrafting Custom If they can dream it, Lincoln Pizza oven can cook itTapping into technologyJoin us at the table

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