• Summertime fresh
  • Cherries go more than on top
  • Just Peachy
  • Pucker up for a citrus explosion
  • Go on, be corny
  • Cool as a cucumber
  • Purple is perfect

Summertime fresh

As the temperature heats up, so do seasonal menus and farm fresh produce options. Technomic, Inc. looked at the top fresh offerings that customers will be seeking during these upcoming hot summer days in their recent Season’s Eating Summer 2018.

Cherries go more than on top

Cherries have increased 6.2 percent as a side item and extra ingredient over the last two years. It is predicted to be most popular this summer as part of breakfast in items like parfaits & crepes. 

Just Peachy

From beverages to ingredients, sweet topping to grilled, and as a savory side, fresh peaches will be gracing menus as the perfect summertime healthy indulgence. In the last two years alone, peaches have increased on menus by 22 percent according to Technomic, Inc.

Pucker up for a citrus explosion

Give those lemons a squeeze on just about anything and customers will be delighted. Some of the top favorites and growing trends include sweet lemon ricotta used in pancakes or desserts. More beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, will be using lemon as a natural flavor enhancer.

Go on, be corny

Corn in adult beverages? According to Technomic, Inc there has been a 214 percent increase in corn offerings in adult beverages. Cocktail staples like the bloody mary are getting a makeover by adding corn, tomatillos and cilantro. Not only are adults enjoy corn in their beverages, but there has been an almost 11 percent rise on kid’s menus. Some of the most popular food items include cornmeal-based pancakes and pizza crusts.

Cool as a cucumber

A cool alternative to pasta is spiralized noodles and cucumbers leading the low carb, fresh food alternative. There has also been an uptick in fusion inspired usage, including Korean and Mexican which combines spicy with the cooling effects of the cucumber becoming the perfect addition to any summer menu.

Purple is perfect

Eggplant parmesan is a staple on most Italian menus, but now this purple veggie is all things vegetarian or vegan. Want something different for breakfast? No problem. Try eggplant hashbrowns or how about as a bacon and jerky substitute. The possibilities appear to be endless and customers are eating it up.

Summertime fresh Cherries go more than on top   Just Peachy Pucker up for a citrus explosion Go on, be corny Cool as a cucumber Purple is perfect

Fresh, it’s what on the menu this summer

Fresh, it’s what on the menu this summerJune 13, 2018


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