• Small World, Big Trends
  • Trend 1: Entertain me
  • Trend 2: Keep it real
  • Trend 3: Make it personal
  • Trend 4: Tackling technology
  • Trend 5: Go mobile
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Small World, Big Trends

In the seamlessly connected world of today, foodservice and the trends that influence the restaurant industry are changing at lightning speed. According to Technomic, Inc. there are several major trends that can be seen throughout all major global foodservice markets.

Trend 1: Entertain me

With the growing prevalence of takeout, delivery, home delivery meal kits, and grab and cook options, consumers are now seeing the away-from-home dining experience as a form of entertainment. From tableside preparation to freshly hand-crafted drinks, those who will succeed will put more focus on finding new ways to elevate the dining experience for customers.

Trend 2: Keep it real

Local ingredients to local causes, healthfully prepared food and beverages, genuine is the new king when it comes to dining out. Consumers are more likely to choose a dining experience that closely aligns with their values, definition of healthy or they see as benefiting the greater good in some way. 81% of consumers say they are more likely to purchase locally sourced produce (Technomic, Inc.). Showing that sustainable, locally sourced products, community affiliations and cause campaigns are becoming more and more important when looking at food and beverages on the menu.

Trend 3: Make it personal

Customizable is still part of the overall picture, but customers now want their dining experience to make them feel good about the time they are there and the money they are spending. Choices that include ingredient options, portion sizes or even sampler or tasting menus give customers the ultimate personalization experience when dining out.

Trend 4: Tackling technology

From apps to kiosks, consumer technology is now a mainstay in the foodservice industry. Consumers now expect to order from their phones; pick up at their scheduled time; and pay on their terms or even have their meal delivered from any establishment of their choice.

Trend 5: Go mobile

Carts, kiosks, food trucks: meet your consumers where they are so they don’t have to make an extra trip and give them a few precious moments back in their day. These mobile opportunities can grow profits and sales, provide brand exposure to new customers and drive brand affinity for existing customers.

Welbilt brands to meet all of today’s global trends

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Small World, Big Trends Trend 1: Entertain me Trend 2: Keep it real Trend 3: Make it personal Trend 4: Tackling technology Trend 5: Go mobile  Welbilt brands to meet all of today’s global trends

Global trends

Global trendsAugust 8, 2018


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