Deconstructing the future of foodservice

Deconstructing the future of foodservice

Deconstructing the future of foodservice
The minds of today’s foodservice consumers can be a boggling place. They have choices galore for food and beverages like delivery, take out, curbside service and at-home meal delivery top the option list. They’re also feeling the pressures of work, life, health and family with each constantly fighting for priority. All of these options and pressures consumers are experiencing can leave foodservice operators wondering how to capture their wallets and stomachs.

Euromonitor® recently released their perspective in, Retail and Foodservice 2025: The Future for Customers, Operators and Facilities, including 5 mega trends being driven by consumers.

Euromonitor 5 Mega Consumer Trends

Digital Shoppers

Digital ShoppersThe proliferation of smart devices is not slowing down, phones, tablets, watches and whatever is on the horizon for the next big way for people to be constantly connected and have convenience at their fingertips. Recent examples include Starbucks® and Chick-fil-A® order ahead option through their mobile apps providing customers with increased convenience from anywhere.

Focus on Convenience

Focus on ConvenienceAs the world population grows, space is at a premium and even areas once considered suburbia is seeing their once quiet communities becoming more urban. In addition, lines between traditional gender roles continue to blur, with both parties working full time and over-scheduling, constant connectivity is a must to manage schedules, activities and even meals. Operators like Panera® are capitalizing on the need for convenience by adding Rapid Pick-Up options and delivery that allows customers schedule for a time that works with their schedule.

New Retail Formats

New Retail FormatsTraditional retailers are now putting a greater emphasis on foodservice options to increase traffic, exploit shoppers desire for convenience, and stave off the increasing pressure from online options like AmazonFresh®. Wegmans recently launched EZ Meals, a meal kit solution with proportioned ingredients that shoppers can pick up while in store and cook at home.

Experiential Retail

Experiential RetailTraditional retail is in a fight to remain relevant in an ever-increasing online society, where going to a physical location seems to be time consuming and unnecessary. For traditional grocery and convenience stores, providing an experience will be key to future success. Grocery stores are beginning to see the connection between traffic and experience, adding juice bars for customers to grab a delicious beverage to enjoy while shopping. Add in high-end bakeries that make fresh artisan breads or delicate pastries plus a chocolate bar and consumers are no longer shopping but experiencing food in a whole new way.

Omni-Channel Proficiency

Omni-Channel ProficiencyMillennials, the generation of focus for foodservice operators, will continue to influence how operators evolve and stay competitive due to their lifestyle and spending. Brick and mortar stores will remain a key component of foodservice and retail grocery, but that will no longer be enough. They will need to be available 24/7. Millennials are focused on experiences and relationships, but are willing to shop around and order from multiple online providers in search ultimate savings. Utilizing technology to reach this generation where they are in their day, will provide a competitive advantage for foodservice operators and retailers.

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