• Wave hello to a more profitable beverage program
  • Pour on the Cold Brew Profits
  • Walk into rugged dependability
  • Reach into better refrigeration
  • Fresh within reach
  • Operators love their Indigo
  • Nugget Ice is COOL – Chewable, ScOOpable, Loveable
  • Affordable reliability
  • Heat up 2017 with cool training at the NAFEM Show

Wave hello to a more profitable beverage program

The Servend® Wave 250 is the next generation of beverage dispensers. Dispensing up to 20 beverages with an additional 8 flavor shots from only 2 dispense points in a low profile 30” wide footprint, for applications where a digital user interface and drink customizability while occupying minimal space. Wave features two engaging touch screens and an active digital merchandiser. Operators have the option of customizing the merchandiser to push other products in the store while capturing the eye and drawing in consumers to Wave for a unique drink experience. The ergonomic design of the Wave allows for up to three patrons to be serviced simultaneously.

Pour on the Cold Brew Profits

Multiplex® N2Fusion, 2016 Kitchen Innovation Award recipient, allows an operator to produce the perfect cup of Nitrogen-Infused coffee, while delivering higher profits for their operation with a waterfall effect that provides a “theatre of the pour” experience for customers while they wait. With its innovative in-line nitrogenation design, N2Fusion allows operators to serve both still and nitrogenated from one source with two taps. This permits operators to expand their beverage options beyond coffee to teas and other beverages with the choice of nitrogenated or still all in one conveniently contained unit.

Walk into rugged dependability

Kolpak® Polar-Pak coolers and freezers are made with the same rugged, high performance construction that has made Kolpak the leader in walk-in refrigeration. The exterior and interior are made with top-quality galvanized metal to offer an attractive and rugged metal finish. Polar-Pak also offers superior air circulation around the coils making it both economical and efficient to run. These walk-in coolers and freezers are flexible enough to be used in virtually any configuration for any operation.

Reach into better refrigeration

Delfield® Coolscapes reach-in refrigerators and freezers are designed with operator input and operational expertise. Our reach-in series provide operators just what they need to keep their food fresh and their kitchen running smoothly. Our reach-in can be configured to fit spatial and operational needs to maximize storage space and minimize footprint. Delfield reach-ins offer exclusive features like full integral door length handles, self-closing doors up to 90˚, LED interior light, greater capacity without increasing foot print and easy to read electronic display. Our unique reach in refrigeration system, GreenGenius, preserves the environment, saves energy and decreases utility costs.

Fresh within reach

Delfield® Coolscapes™ Undercounter/Worktables are designed to be easy to work from and supply storage that seamlessly fits into any operation. With a newly redesigned hydrocarbon refrigeration system, called GreenGenius™. This system maximizes refrigeration efficiency and energy savings, while helping to save the environment by utilizing natural R290 refrigerant. R290 is one of the lowest GWP (Global Warming Potential) of any commercially approved refrigerants. Most models also meet ENERGY STAR® 3.0 standards and exceed new Department of Energy (DOE) standards. Coolscapes makes foods safer than ever and provides an enormous product offering.

Operators love their Indigo

Manitowoc Ice Indigo® Series with its EasyRead® display takes the guesswork out of owning and operating an ice machine. From cleaning messages to self-diagnostics, this machine does it all. Most of the models are ENERGY STAR® qualified to save even more on operational costs. The ice programming feature automatically adjusts ice production based on day-to-day needs. Indigo offers an internal communications system that constantly monitors refrigeration and sub-system controls. When issues arise, they are immediately noted and can be addressed on an as needed basis. The electronic storing and reading of data makes servicing easier, reduces labor and machine downtime.

Nugget Ice is COOL – Chewable, ScOOpable, Loveable

Manitowoc Ice® Nugget ice machine offers a softer, chewable texture that is easy to chew but hard enough to be dispensed without hand scooping. Small pieces range from 3/8" to 1/2" in width and length on average while maintaining maximum cooling ability, and minimizing drink dilution. The bite-sized nugget boasts 90% ice content with only 10% water offering one of the best nugget ratios for maximum cooling and minimal drink dilution. Three options of nugget ice machines include undercounter, modular and ice/water dispensers with production ranging from 130-1,200 lbs. of daily ice production.

Affordable reliability

Koolaire® Ice machines are designed from the ground up to meet operational demands for a worry-free, simple-to-use, basic ice machine; but that doesn’t mean we cut corners on quality. Instead, we used a combination of engineering experience and manufacturing expertise to create an affordable, reliable ice machine at a price that’s well within reach. We didn’t cut corners on ease-of-use, cleaning or maintenance either. There are only three controls you need: On, Off and Clean. And for cleaning, access to the evaporator and food zone is simple with the removal of just two screws and an easy, lift-off door.

Heat up 2017 with cool training at the NAFEM Show

Kick start your 2017 sales with our Crossfit product training sessions in our booth #3200. Each 20-minute product training session, is taught by our brand experts, designed to give you the most up-to-date product features and benefits and how to utilize this information to sell competitively throughout 2017. Each brand is offering up to two sessions daily* during normal show hours. Seats are going fast, and advanced online registration is required. Click here for more information and to register.

(*Multiplex N2Fusion offered once daily. Last day of show, all product sessions offered only once)

Wave hello to a more profitable beverage program  Pour on the Cold Brew Profits  Walk into rugged dependability  Reach into better refrigeration Fresh within reach Operators love their Indigo Nugget Ice is COOL – Chewable, ScOOpable, Loveable Affordable reliability Heat up 2017 with cool training at the NAFEM Show

Fresh ideas in cold side products

Fresh ideas in cold side products February 1, 2017


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