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Consumers Embrace Foodservice Technology

According to the National Restaurant Association, in 2015, one-quarter of consumers said technology options are important features that factor into their decision to choose a restaurant. technology advancements have been highly focused on front-of-the-house (FOH) to deliver on consumer trends like, customization, menu transparency, value and regular menu updates. Technology for the back-of-the-house (BOH) has received little fanfare compared to consumer facing technology. While FOH technology can improve the ordering, speed of service we have been concentrating on finding ways to enhance BOH to reduce labor costs, increase speed of service, reducing energy consumption and boost profits while driving repeat business. Our approach is to find the intersection of consumer trends and operational needs to provide innovative equipment and full kitchen solutions that meet the demands front of house trends and back of house needs.


Consumer Trend: Consumers want to know what is in their food. Forbes reported that 7 in 10 consumers are familiar with the term “transparency” as it relates to dining out. According to QSR Magazine, 90 percent of Americans want companies to tell them what they’re doing to operate more responsibly, and three-quarters wish companies would explain how their food purchasing decisions impact the environment. The fact that consumers want to understand the source and ingredients in their meals means operators have to adapt the way in which they prepare and cook food as deliveries are required more often.

Equipment Solution: Chose Delfield refrigeration that is designed to keep foods fresh longer. Features to look for include; top mount refrigeration that keeps compressor heat from affecting the internal temperature, increased overall capacity, self-closing doors up to 90 degrees ensure doors are always closed to safeguard against accidental spoilage.


Consumer Trend: 72% of consumers expect restaurants to allow customization (Technomic, Inc.) with younger generations expectations being the highest of all respondents.

Equipment Solution: Meals today are anything but standard limiting the ability to prep and increasing the complexity of the BOH. This is why operators are seeking equipment solutions that allow them to prepare and cook customized orders without increasing wait times previously associated with made-to-order items. High speed ovens, like Merrychef® eikon® series lets operators cook, bake, grill, toast and much more up to 20 times faster than conventional cooking methods, to accommodate meal personalization while being mindful of speed of service.


Consumer Trend: Consumers also enjoy regularly updated menus with new items and flavor profiles that make them feel adventurous. 67% of consumers say they like to try new flavors from time to time and 51% of 18-34 year olds are more likely to visit a restaurant that offers new innovative flavors (Technomic Inc.).

Equipment Trend: Creating on going menu updates especially with local seasonal items can be a daunting task for operators, not only does it require constant monitoring of product availability, but training for staff on prep and cooking methods. easyTouch® technology found on the Convotherm® Combi Ovens and mini’s, Merrychef eikon series and the new Garland® XPress Grill make menu additions and updates simple, giving operators the control to quickly add or make adjustments to their menus depending on product accessibility and ensure accuracy of cook times to create the perfect dish even on the fly.


Consumer Trend: Consumers definition of value has continued to evolve as they become more educated related to food and dining out. Value, especially for the younger generations, is no longer just a price to portion size equation, and now include social responsibility, sustainability, and local. 63% of consumers say it is important for a restaurant to be socially responsible and 66% say sustainability is essential.

Equipment Trend: Manitowoc Foodservice has over 1,000 ENERGY STAR® certified products across cold and hot platforms, and we are constantly working to ensure that saving energy and resources is as easy as purchasing our equipment. Manitowoc Ice® Indigo® and Neo® ice machines permit operators to program their ice machines for optimal production times and daily needs saving energy and water by only making the ice you need when you need it. And with a variety of ice types available, operators can choose the ice type based on operational needs, drink recipes and consumer trends.

Consumers Embrace Foodservice Technology TransparencyCustomization New Value

Advance your operation with trend targeted equipment

Advance your operation with trend targeted equipment September 14, 2016


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