Kick off the 2017 by saving with ENERGY STAR® certified equipment

Kick off the 2017 by saving with ENERGY STAR® certified equipment

Kick of the 2017 by saving with ENERGY STAR® certified equipment
According to the ENERGY STAR website, forty-one percent energy usage in a commercial foodservice operation comes from food preparation and refrigeration. Commercial kitchens use an average of five to seven times more energy per square foot than other commercial buildings and with energy costs on the rise and consumers mindfulness of energy savings, 2017 is the perfect time to upgrade current equipment and save throughout 2017 and beyond. We offer 1,000+ models of ENERGY STAR certified models in the following categories:
Delfield® Coolscapes™ with GreenGenius™ reach-in refrigerationDelfield® Coolscapes with GreenGenius reach-in refrigeration - Designed with operator input and operational expertise, our reach in series provides operators just what they need to keep their food fresh and their kitchen running smoothly. Our unique reach-in refrigeration system, GreenGenius, preserves the environment, saves energy and decreases utility costs. Hear more.

Delfield Coolscapes with GreenGenius undercounter/worktablesDelfield Coolscapes with GreenGenius undercounter/worktables - Providing foodservice operators with refrigeration options that increase the capacity and workflow of their kitchen by putting fresh foods where they are needed. With busy foodservice operations in mind, features like 5” casters make cleaning, moving and maintenance easy and an LED light and glass doors makes items easier to see. Select from doors, drawers or a combination of the two to maximize your cold storage while keeping enough product at your staff’s finger tips to handle the rush with the freshest foods. Hear more.
Frymaster® FryersFrymaster® Fryers - Consistent, quality product that exceeds expectations is what operators know they are getting when they fry in a Frymaster fryers. Offering a wide a variety of energy efficient models, that will fit in any size operation and meet any throughput needs, while offering optional features like FilterQuick® that assists in conserving oil and Oil Quality Sensor (OQS) a patented technology that automatically monitors the health of the oil. Hear more.
Convotherm® Combination OvensConvotherm® Combination Ovens - With two control-panel designs - easyTouch® and easyDial® - allows operators to choose from full automation to maximum customization that deliver the functions you need in a user-friendly design. Convotherm 4 boasts perfect cooking results, low energy consumption and an award winning functional design with customers worldwide. Allowing operators to serve up award-worthy and soon to be world renowned plates, precisely and efficiently every time. Hear more.
Cleveland Range SteamersCleveland Range Steamers - Are designed for maximum performance and productivity while maintaining high energy efficiency standards. With products like SteamChef® that minimizes the amount of energy and water that is being produced during cooking, which is determined by the quantity and type of food that is being prepared, allowing enough energy for proper cooking quality and performance. With a variety of options that meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® certification there is a perfect fit for any operation. Hear more.
Manitowoc Ice® MachinesManitowoc Ice® Machines - Manitowoc Ice® Indigo® and Neo® ice machines permit operators to program their ice machines for optimal production times and daily needs saving energy and water by only making the ice you need when you need it. And with a variety of ice types available, operators can choose the ice type based on operational needs, drink recipes and consumer trends. Hear more.
Garland® XPress GrillGarland® XPress Grill - Designed specifically with the needs of foodservice operators in mind including energy efficiency. With our touch screen technology operators, can quickly chose the product and ensure that cook times are correct, reducing energy consumption from food waste due to over or under cooking. The XPress grill was designed to simplify the grilling process for operators while increasing throughput, reducing labor, allowing for menu expansion, ensuring food and staff safety all while delivering the quality and consistency customers have come to expect. Hear more.
Be sure to check for rebates in your area for even greater savings and let your account or tax preparer know you have purchased ENERGY STAR certified equipment.

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