A partner in foodservice efficiency

A partner in foodservice efficiency

Part of who we are and have always been is finding ways to help our partners and customers have a positive impact on the world around them. We understand that our equipment directly affects the environment, operations and the communities our partners serve, inspiring us to be better and do better through innovative ideas that directly impact the future.

This is why over the last 15 years we have been an ENERGY STAR® partner and advocate for energy saving commercial foodservice equipment. Moreover, we are once again proud to be honored as a 2016 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year – Sustained Excellence Award. This award is given to partners who show leadership in protecting our environment through superior energy efficiency achievements.

How does partnering with a company that has over 1,100 ENERGY STAR certified products help our customers and the foodservice industry? Savings. Here are just some of the ways to save:
Time - Many of our ENERGY STAR certified products allow equipment to recover faster, reducing the wait time for equipment to come back to temperature and be ready to produce. Less recovery times means faster throughput, increased speed of service and happier customers.
Labor - Many hours a day are spent on cleaning operational equipment. ENERGY STAR certified product can reduce cleaning times due to specifications in the manufacturing process Letting staff spend their time on creating exceptional food, beverages and guest experiences, not cleaning equipment.
Waste - Equipment radiates heat, but keeping the heat where it belongs is part of being ENERGY STAR certified. For hot side cooking equipment that means transferring as much heat as possible into the cooking process, not into the surrounding environment. On the cold side, creating as little heat as possible, while dispersing it efficiently, keeps cold product at proper temperature, reducing spoilage. Heat maintained in its proper place, reduces both food and energy waste and increases profits.
Maintenance - ENERGY STAR certified products are designed and manufactured to utilize less energy and water without compromising the output. By designing equipment starts and stops less there is an overall reduction in wear; less wear, less required maintenance.
Environment - With U.S. restaurants totaling over 1 million according to the National Restaurant Association  and ENERGY STAR certified equipment improving energy and water efficiency up to 65%.* Buying just one piece of equipment that is ENERGY STAR certified per restaurant can have substantial impact on greenhouse emissions and an operations utility bill. Download the savings calculator 

“It’s exciting to see the impact we’ve made through our commercial foodservice equipment and we remain committed to continuing our work to help reduce green house gas emissions and protect the environment,” explains Caitlin Rodgers, VP global marketing. “And with seven brands offering product options in 6 ENERGY STAR categories, operators can appreciate how truly devoted we are to making ENERGY STAR products readily available to their operation.”

Hear more  about our on-going commitment to energy efficiency, positively impacting the environment, along with tips for immediate cost savings.

*ENERGY STAR states depending on equipment and values are estimated

Convotherm Software Updates

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Please ensure that only software which is suitable for the unit series is installed on your Convotherm unit. This software cannot be used for other unit types from the range. If this is disregarded, no liability will be assumed for malfunctions.

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