Drive Profits with Simple Premium Upgrades

Drive Profits with Simple Premium Upgrades

Drive Profits with Simple Premium Upgrades
Consumers are demanding premium items across all segments of the foodservice industry, full service to grocery, and the race to meet expectations is on. Convenience stores across the country and around the globe are stepping up to the challenge and seeing great rewards in revenue, visits and customer satisfaction. The definition of premium can vary greatly among consumers, same stating premium as better for you and others defining it by ingredients like artisan breads, variety in condiments and brand name proteins.

No matter the definition, convenience stores have exceptional opportunity to peak consumer’s interest through enhanced food and beverage offerings. There are several key areas that convenience stores can quickly and easily make adjustment for premium.


PIzzaIn the past year pizza sales in convenience stores rose 20% according to Convenience Store Decisions magazine. The main reason for such rapid growth, consumers are more time pressed than ever and waiting the “traditional” wait time for a pizza at times is unrealistic. Convenience stores are known for speed of service and grab-n- go options, but speed has been enhanced dramatically with equipment that allows for even faster cook times, less than 10 minutes. While speed is crucial for customers in the convenience store environment, now so are premium ingredients and consistency.

Convenience store operators can make simple changes to upgrade their current pizza program and demand a premium price including:
  • Upgrade crust options with better for you options like whole wheat. Crust add-ins or toppers like Parmesan give customers cues of premium.
  • Higher quality meat and cheese offerings, including all natural, high quality consumer brands.
  • Unique toppings like roasted eggplant, zucchini, or fresh seasonal heirloom tomatoes. Locally grown options also demand a premium price.
  • Variety in sauce offerings like pesto, fire roasted tomato and buffalo create unique options that can drive additional purchase and visits.

If you are looking to increase throughput, provide customization or enhance/ maintain quality Merrychef® and Lincoln have the perfect pizza baking solution in their portfolio. Create crispy, customizable made to order single serving pizzas in the Merrychef e4s . For larger pies that accommodate bigger crowds or family size appetites fast and in a small space, without sacrificing quality, Lincoln Impinger Ovens are the answer. No matter how you slice it, we help you bake up hot fresh pizza, fast.


SandwichesAccording to Technomic Inc. Consumers are placing a high importance on the premium ingredients like bread, cheeses, meats and condiments for sandwiches. They are also willing to pay more for these higher quality options, which makes adding options to your convenience store sandwich program good business sense. Here are some simple upgrades that many operators are seeing great success with their convenience store.
  • Artisan breads
  • Natural or hand cut meats and cheeses
  • Twist on traditional condiments
  • Fresh cut vegetables that are local grown

Customizable, hot, fresh sandwiches are simple in either your Lincoln or Merrychef ovens. Create a delicious panini while allowing your staff to continue to wait on customers with the knowledge they will be perfectly pressed every time in the Merrychef e4s with Panini Grill

Lincoln Countertop Impinger Ovens deliver perfectly toasted sandwiches, fast without taking up valuable real estate when it’s at a premium, and that’s just the beginning of your menu expansion with a Lincoln CTI.

Just a few simple changes to your current foodservice program can create benefits that drive traffic, increase revenue and deliver even greater profits. Want to hear more? Talk with our convenience store experts during the NACS Show at booth #5637 in Las Vegas.

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