We’re talking Preparation, Baking, Frying, Ice Making and Profits

We’re talking Preparation, Baking, Frying, Ice Making and Profits
Manitowoc Foodservice is Fluent in all things Pizza and it’s why you should plan to visit booth #447 at the 30th annual Pizza Expo in Las Vegas, NV, March 23-26, 2015. From ice to ovens, our experts will be discussing ways in which we can help your operation take advantage of the latest trends for pizza and beyond. Looking to grown your menu? Talk with Delfield about how to expand fresh toppings in limited space or Frymaster about adding wings or other high profit appetizers. Want to increase your speed of service? Our Lincoln oven experts can help you find the solution that fits your operational needs and budget.
Fluent in Preparation. Delfield offers pizza operators innovative ways to expand their menus with fresh ingredients and that also offer labor and space-saving design.

Delfield Dual Rail Prep Tables - Double the production in the same space with an additional elevated rail designed for 6” pans that set flush with the work surface reducing labor, refill and cleaning time. Patented LiquiTec® Technology keeps cold toppings at just the right temperature for improved product freshness and safety. Learn More
Delfield Dual Rail Prep Tables
Delfield 6000XL® Series Reach-in Refrigerator - Delfield Refrigerators come out of the box with the features you’d expect a professional food service refrigerator to possess. ABS Lining, Top Mounted Ventilation, Sized for Sheet and Insert Pans and a door that closes when you want it to and stays open when you don’t. Learn More
Fluent in Baking. Garland®, Lincoln and Merrychef® offer pizza operators a multitude of solutions for creating the signature pizza experience customers have come to expect.

Garland GPD Series Pizza Ovens - Now you can make perfect pizza every time with the GPD Series Pizza/Baking Oven. The Garland GPD Series delivers the popular, old-fashioned flavor of stone-hearth baking in a modern deck oven design that delivers even heat, fast recovery, ease of use and energy-efficiency. These ovens are also available in dual deck for higher production capacity. Learn More
Garland GPD Series Pizza Ovens
Lincoln Impinger® Ovens - Allowing for rapid heating, cooking, baking and crisping, even high-volume operations can fill customer orders rapidly. With Lincoln’s FastBake® Advance Technology, operators can reduce bake times by as much as 15-30% over other impingement ovens by providing a higher level of heat transfer to food revolutionizing the way pizzas taste from a conveyor belt oven. Lincoln digital countertop impinger oven (DCTI) puts large oven capacity in a small space and with a new catalyst allows for ventless operation with no hood requirement*. Learn More

*Local laws apply for all applications

Merrychef eikon® series - Rapid and accelerated speed ovens allow operators to prepare food up to 15 times faster than traditional cooking, meaning adding menu offerings doesn’t slow down the speed of service. Multiple heat technologies along with an icon–driven touch screen operation to enable instant menu management, ensuring food is cooked perfectly every time. Learn More
Fluent in Frying. Frymaster’s GREEN fryers are environmentally friendly, offering GREEN benefits that range from reduced oil use to using less energy to operate.

Frymaster® ESG35T - a value fryer that reduces operating costs by saving energy and oil use. This 35-lb fryer has the same cooking capacity as a 45-lb fryer, saving 10 lbs. of oil every time the frypot is filled. The innovative ESG35T fryer has a wide cold zone keeping crumbs and sediment away from the cooking area, keeping oil fresh longer. In addition, the frypot bottom slopes to the front so that the oil, sediment and crumbs can be easily flushed out of the pot. It also reduces the cost of ownership by qualifying for energy savings rebates. Learn More
Frymaster® ESG35T
Fluent in Ice Making. Manitowoc Ice provides intelligent ice machines that are easy to clean and energy efficient in a variety of ice forms.

Indigo® Series Ice Machines - The highly successful Indigo Series modular ice machine means Ice assurance, so you never have to worry about ice again. With technological advancements like Intelligent Diagnostics, the ability to monitor ice machine operations 24 hours a day, Easy Read™ display screen, easy to clean food zone to handle food safety concerns, assurance that ice will be clean and taste great for your customers, water and energy management features that save money and superior service and support. Learn More
Indigo® Series Ice Machines

We can’t wait to talk with you at Pizza Expo. See you in Las Vegas.

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