School Foodservice kitchens that speak for themselves

School Foodservice kitchens that speak for themselves
Lets talk school foodservice. How can we help you make your school foodservice operation more efficient? How can you create new ideas that will keep kids happy, healthy and eating school lunch all year round? How can you save water, energy to help offset increasing food costs? Our experts are here to listen to your needs, talk about applications that will best meet those needs and how we can help you deliver the best possible experience for your little customers. See what it means to be Fluent in Foodservice this year at booth #537 at the School Nutrition Annual Conference July 13-15 in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Convotherm Combi Ovens - Convotherm® 4 – Designed around you. Bringing you world class technology with user friendly, ergonomic, and hygienic design. A new generation of combi steamers is capturing the market: the Convotherm 4 offers perfect cooking results, low energy consumption and functional design. Operators have a choice of controls: easyTouch® featuring a full 9" touchscreen with configurable user interface; and easyDial™ with all functions available on one level. The new design is consistent across the entire product line of Convotherm 4 combi steamers, which includes seven (7) sizes, each available in eight (8) basic versions for a total of 56 models. The cornerstone of the Convotherm 4 is its Advanced Closed System+ (ACS+) delivering the ultimate in even cooking results thanks to perfect steam saturation, automatic humidity adjustment in combi-steam mode, rapid and uniform heat transfer in convection mode plus active control of air input and output. hear more.
Convotherm Combi Ovens - Convotherm® 4

Delfield Shelley Solutions - Children eat with their eyes so upgrading your school’s serving line to a high quality appearance will encourage more children to eat at school. You’re not limited by your imagination so we won’t limit your options with Shelley equipment. Shelley Solutions from Delfield offers you a wide range of units engineered to fit together smoothly. If the kids are tough, Shelley by Delfield is tougher. Built with rugged 14-gauge stainless steel, Delfield equipment is durable. Choose standard-size bases and tops then group them for a wide variety of menus, configurations and themes. You can mix and match Delfield components to create the ideal line for your space and changing menu requirements. Easy-to-use, stainless steel, fully retractable interlock system on bases and tray slides keeps units steady on uneven floors. Delfield has equipment options to help maintain proper NSF2, NSF4 or NSF7 hot or cold temperatures. When everything’s on the line, choose Shelley for safety, service and satisfaction. hear more.
Delfield Shelley Solutions

Lincoln Digital Countertop Impinger - is small enough to fit on most commercial countertops, but large enough to replace a half-sized convection oven or up to five microwave ovens. Lincoln CTIs utilize a 16" (406mm) wide conveyor belt and 20" (508mm) baking chamber and can be stacked two high. Now operators can cook anywhere due to an added catalytic converter and UL 710B certification for ventless installations, saving money and time during installation. Because no venting hood is required, operators have more flexibility as to where the oven can be installed*. hear more.
Lincoln Digital Countertop Impinger

Garland Convection Ovens - deliver consistently better baking results - throughout the entire cavity - than you ever thought possible. Gone are the days when you needed to turn your pans halfway through the cook cycle. The innovative air-baffling system and the industry's largest blower wheel maximize airflow and evenly channels it throughout the entire oven cavity resulting in very precise cooking results throughout. Master Series Convection Ovens manage energy and efficiency for consistent results and cost-effective operation. hear more.
Garland Convection Ovens

Cleveland Braising Pans - Ideal for small and large volume cooking, Cleveland braising pans can perform the same functions as a stock pot, range, kettle, steamers, griddles and ovens. Save time and labor by preparing one large batch instead of multiple smaller batches compared to range top cooking. With the combination of large griddle surface and liquid capacity along with the easy to tilt pan body with a spring assisted vented cover braising pans can save energy, improve worker safety while being easy to clean and maintain. hear more.
Cleveland Braising Pans

Cleveland Convection Steamers - Save Energy, Water and Money with Cleveland Steamers. Cleveland’s high performance convection steamers are ENERGY STAR® rated and come with built-in SteamSaver® Technology (SST) that drastically reduces energy and water use saving operators money while maintaining cooking performance.

SteamSaver® Technology is an exclusive energy and water saving compartment design that automatically controls steam production based on the type and volume of food being prepared. With high efficiency Power Burner gas generator design, enough steam is produced for fast cooking while minimizing energy use and saving water. hear more.
Cleveland Convection Steamers
We look forward to helping you soar to new heights, so fly by booth #537 and pick up your free gift while tasting something spectacular from the live Convotherm 4 and mini demonstrations. Talk to you in Salt Lake City.

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