Operational Opportunities for 2015

Operational Opportunities for 2015
The way in which operators manage and change their restaurants in 2015 is revolutionary for an industry that has relied heavily on the same types of equipment for that last 30 years. Operational savings will come the forefront on many levels including energy, labor and savings through buying local, all while focusing on meeting the challenges of the future.
Energy Star PartnerResource Conservation - Resource conservation will expand in 2015 beyond just energy conservation, which will still remain top of mind with operators. ENERGY STAR® rated equipment is one way of saving on energy bills along with ensuring your equipment is properly maintained and serviced. For helpful tips on saving energy in your operation and full list of our ENERGY STAR rated and energy efficient equipment visit our sustainability website. Manitowoc KitchenCare® provides products and service for maintaining and servicing your equipment for the lifetime of your operation, to learn more about KitchenCare visit our website.

Reducing labor through technological advances from self-service kiosks to tablet ordering tableside will be on trial in 2015 as operators harness new technology without compromising guest satisfaction. Labor reduction can also take place in the kitchen with equipment that reduces cook times and is staff-friendly with icon based or other touch screen technology. This type of technology will also reduce overall waste, as there will be less error in the preparation process.

PhilanthropicPhilanthropic - Giving back, even in small ways, to the local community is influencing consumers dining choices. Being part of the overall community is no longer just for independent restaurants, chains are finding ways to give back locally from donating unsold product to local shelters at the end of each day, to encouraging employees to give their time as a group to local charities, schools and events. If customers know that you are participating in community improvement, such as a night where a portion of the proceeds go to a specific charity or school, they are increasingly more likely to factor in this giving back when choosing a place to dine.

Leveraging local/fresh/organic/sustainableLeveraging local/fresh/organic/sustainable - Knowing where your beef, produce, chicken or beverages are handcrafted will be taken up a notch in 2015 as more consumers are putting a focus on being in-the-know when it comes to where their food came from and how it is prepared. What was once a independent restaurant luxury to buy local, is quickly becoming a mainstay across independents and chains alike with everything from telling customers what farm the potatoes came from for their french fries to freshly delivered beef daily. Operators are telling their customers throughout all communication advertising, social media and PR about how they are sourcing locally, sustainably, organically and more to entice customers to visit, the upside is that restaurants are able to charge a premium price point for these products and customers are willing to pay. The supply chain has also increased greatly as demand has grown making supply much more readily available. Preparation methods also add value to both food and beverages, while speed matters so do cues like hand crafted or cut, freshly squeezed, and oven roasted to name a few. Between sourcing and preparation methods along with flavor infusions 2015 will see a change in operational execution.

Redesign - Updates to both menus and operations take center stage in 2015 as the economy continues to recover and consumers have increased discretionary income due to lower gas prices. Interest rates are still low and many operations are taking advantage of special financing offers to make needed updates. Smaller equipment footprints give operators the ability to (re)design smaller kitchens to increase dining space in order to increase revenue. This will create an even greater need for smaller more technologically advanced equipment that can produce fresh food for more guests. Touch screen technology that allows staff to easily replicate preparation and cooking methods to meet increased demand. Due to new equipment technology, menus will evolve. Food and beverages that were once labor intensive to prepare and needed constant monitoring are now within reach of all operators without the risk of mistakes or added waste.

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