Cool operational savings

Cool operational savings
Keeping restaurant operators cool is job one for Manitowoc Foodservice cold brands. Each brand is committed to providing innovative ways to save energy, capitalize on consumer trends and provide the latest in technology to keep restaurants profitable. Come talk with our cold side experts about the coolest brands and products in foodservice during The NAFEM Show at booth #5800.
Kolpak® ArcticFox®
Kolpak® ArcticFox® - Puts operators in control of their refrigeration needs with the next generation in walk-in refrigeration controls. The ArcticFox controller is designed for easy installation on existing units and connectivity is a florescent user interface for ease of readability and programming, along with a variety of energy, money and timesaving features. Some of the ArcticFox features include:
  • Tru-Dmnd - Defrost cycles are initiated only when needed reducing 93% of standard system defrost cycles and up to 12% fewer cycles than a “smart defrost” control, which will reduce unneeded energy usage saving money for operators.
  • Monitoring Made Simple - Control panel can be installed where it can easily be monitored by management or other staff.
  • Energy Saving Features
    • Door alarm tells staff when the door is accidently left open so it can quickly be corrected decreasing energy usage.
    • Programmable light controls means no more lights left on accidently, wasting energy and reducing bulb replacement.
    • Door heater cycles are controlled to further reduce energy.
The operational benefits and energy savings makes smart business sense with the ArcticFox and it will be pay for itself in less than two years* Learn More
*Overall savings will depend on refrigeration sizing.
Koolaire® - Ice machines are designed from the ground up to meet operational demands for a worry-free, simple-to-use, basic ice machine; but that doesn’t mean we cut corners on quality. Instead, we used a combination of engineering experience and manufacturing expertise to create an affordable, reliable ice machine at a price that’s well within reach. We didn’t cut corners on ease-of-use, cleaning or maintenance either. There are only three controls you need: On, Off and Clean. And for cleaning, access to the evaporator and food zone is simple with the removal of just two screws and an easy, lift-off door. Learn More
Manitowoc® Ice Indigo® Series
Manitowoc® Ice Indigo® Series - A reputation built on developing the most innovative and reliable ice solutions for the foodservice industry. Our highly successful Indigo Series modular ice machine means Ice Assurance - never worry about ice again. Indigo does this through a series of technological advancements including Intelligent Diagnostics, the ability to monitor ice machine operations 24 hours a day, EasyRead display screen, easy to clean food zone to handle food safety concerns, assurance that ice will be clean and taste great for your customers, water and energy management features that save money, and superior service and support of the equipment. Learn More
Manitowoc Ice NEO® Undercounter Ice Machine
Manitowoc Ice NEO® Undercounter Ice Machine - The overachieving, all-in-one, undercounter ice making and storage solution, that provides a new level of performance, a new level of intelligence, and a new level of convenience, while providing operators with the ice they need. NEO is the first and only undercounter ice machine that brings the operational functions-such as on/off, easy clean, and production time delay-up to a location that makes it convenient for the end-user to access. NEO also has the intelligence to let the operator know if the bin is full or if there is a service issue that needs to be addressed. Learn More
Manitowoc Ice Big Shot

Manitowoc Ice Big Shot - Capitalize on the emerging handcrafted drink craze in the US with this new 60g gourmet cube ice machine from Americas #1 selling ice machine company. The Big Shot is the prefect drink differentiator for any drink, it’s crystal clear and only one cube needed for drinks on the rocks. The 60g cube has a slower melt time for less dilution of drinks while still keeping the drink precisely chilled. Producing 260 lbs. of ice per day (2,163 cubes) means the ability to make over 2,000 drinks per day and never run out of ice. Learn More
Servend® FLAV’R PIC®
Servend® FLAV’R PIC® - The FLAV'R PIC gives customers over a million combinations to customize their drink to their taste...16 beverage selections and up to 8 flavor enhancements. Featuring icepic® technology, the industry's first built-in ice crusher providing two types of ice (cubed or crushed) from a single ice maker/ice dispenser combination. One ice/beverage dispenser reduces equipment expense, installation costs, and maintenance. Learn More
Delfield® Grill Cart
Delfield® Grill Cart - Customized to meet indoor/outdoor serving needs. Delfield kiosks create merchandising appeal with functional designs to meet customer’s unique needs. Imagine the possibilities, free of bricks and mortar and the overhead associated with both. Free of being held to one single location without the flexibility to easily move to the next “hot spot”. With Delfield carts and kiosks the possibilities are nearly endless. Whatever you wish to serve, Delfield along with other Manitowoc brands has a solution.

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