Foodservice Technology for the Future

Foodservice Technology for the Future

Foodservice Technology for the Future
Consumers can now order meals from virtually anywhere, without human interaction. McDonald’s® has begun rolling out their kiosk ordering option in some areas, Taco Bell® has an app and mobile friendly website allowing guests to order and pay ahead, Dominos® offers deep discounts for those who order online or through their mobile app. All of these examples prove just how imperative technology is as part of the overall customer interaction in today’s foodservice world. And while technology is at the forefront for business to consumer interactions, it’s importance in the day-to-day foodservice operation has taken a huge leap forward.

Nation’s Restaurant News® article Foodservice 2020: Technology and the coming labor crisis discusses the starring role new technology is playing in assisting operators with managing their overall operation, not just their ordering and customer interactions stating, “ We must challenge the process and apply technology whenever and wherever it improves an overly-complex system overwrought with inefficiencies and waste.”
We have been watching this need evolve and began working in conjunction with our global partners to provide a pipeline of innovative technology that meets operational needs well into the next decade including:
Labor Saving Technology

Labor Saving Technology
The discussion on minimum wage is at the forefront for many foodservice operators as they wonder how to do it all to keep profits up; customer satisfaction high; and pay employees increased wages. Offering a variety of labor-saving technology across brands and platforms that deliver almost immediate operational impact. Our brands offer solutions operators need and want. Frymaster fryers have automated oil filtration with FilterQuick® Fingertip Filtration™ along with the optional Oil Quality Sensor ensures oil is filtered regularly and remains at optimal quality. Convotherm and Merrychef offer operators EasyTouch® technology allowing operators to preprogram menu items, recipes and cook times, so staff only has to touch the icon on the screen to make the perfect dish. Manitowoc Ice® Indigo Series ice machines, include technology for managing and controlling ice production along with diagnostics that keep staff informed on maintenance and ice production. These are just a few of the labor saving options available to operators.
Integrated Systems

Integrated Systems
The ability to monitor foodservice equipment and operational details from anywhere has been a wish for foodservice operators. We have the solution. KitchenConnect® energized by Emerson, utilizes Emerson Climate Technologies Intelligent Store™ infrastructure to build connected kitchens. Intelligent Store infrastructure includes: latest machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity, internet-of-things (IoT) cloud applications, building systems controls and situational analysis technicians. These mesh to deliver actionable alerts to thousands of locations on four continents, 24x7x365 to avoid equipment downtime, save maintenance, energy costs, and protect food.
Information Dissemination

Information Dissemination
CareCode uses mobile and GPS technology to deliver instant access to the most current information available on your unit including training videos, trouble shooting and service contacts. It’s also the easiest way to register your warranty, select your servicer, and speed troubleshooting. This valuable information can help decrease the time to repair, when and if needed.

Staying fluent means innovative technology to build a stronger business today and in the future. Manitowoc Foodservice has a variety of solutions that put the technology of tomorrow in the hands of operators today. Let’s talk about how we can impact your business today.

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